Dan Behrman

Dan Behrman




Governor of Texas

Election Year:


Is the pursuit of happiness a human right?


Is it a human right to possess or consume cannabis, if nobody other than consenting parties are involved in the process?


Can the exercise of a human right be taxed?


If someone possesses or consumes cannabis and no other crime is committed, does that person deserve to be taken against their will and locked in a cage?


What should be the legal maximum amount of cannabis that any person could possess, and why?

There should be no limits. Limits are ridiculous. We don't have limits on other rights like freedom of speech, where people can't speak more than a certain number of words per day. Possession harms nobody.

What should be the punishment for possession, cultivation, processing, manufacturing or consuming cannabis? What do you hope to achieve by inflicting such punishment?

There should be no punishment. For some it's medicine, for others it's for their mental health. Doctors can't legally prescribe it anywhere in the country for any of that. And none of that matters. If people just want to get high and they don't harm anyone, they should not be labeled as a criminal, have their property confiscated, nor be put in a cage.